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Peng plastic Center of product customizationIn all walks of life,We can make according to the samples,Meet your different needs
Peng Custom caseSuccessful for many industry building floor plan Customization capability
  • Packaging industry
  • The toy industry
  • Daily care industry
  • Hotel supplies industry
  • Products industry
  • The cosmetics industry
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Peng13Years of careful research and development,Products meet quality standardsKePeng 13 years of careful research and development, products up to international standards

  • Peng has13YearsIndustry custom production research and development experience,Focus on the toys、Food、Daily necessities、Hotel supplies、Medicine、Cosmetics and so on many industries,Rich experience!
  • Professional r&d team,More than industry production10Years of experience,Rich experience in research and development,The product qualified rate is higher than production99.8%!
  • According to the different levels of industry application,Fit the market demand,Create customized prenatal scheme,Optimization of prenatal budget for the enterprise,Enterprise saving every penny!
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Peng was focus on every detail  

  • AdoptedGreen environmental protection technologyProduction of plastic bottles,PossessEnvironmental health、High resistance to impact strength、No broken、And lighter、Shape change、StrongWait for an advantage,Use more at ease!
  • Peng hasMultiple production lines and advanced automatic production equipmentDiversified product line with mechanical equipment in order to meet the needs of different industries customers,Personalization conform to the needs of customers products。
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Shared with Europe and the United States export standard product linePeng commitment-Delivery on time rate is beyond your imagination

  • Equipped with professionalEurope and the United States export standard production line,Standardization of the entire production process,Multi-channel control quality inspection standards,Quality guaranteed delivery。
  • 50Many peoplePlastic area professional technical team,According to the production standards implementation。And set up emergency production products,Add multiple safeguards for the on time delivery!
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Secco peng with strength to conquer the marketWith the service to win customers

Previous research,Free design

Specialized research and development personnel according to the customer's requirements,Provide plastic bottle packaging solutions

Precision machining,Free proofing

Provide free proofing,Professional quality inspection personnel,Professional testing equipment according to the standard for quality inspection

Perfect service,Free shipping

Specialized customer service team supporting related service system,If you have questions,Timely follow up,Rapid processing

Custom hotline: 0755-3737979
Advice immediately

The project requirements,Provide the design

Early fully communication with customers and collect information(The samples、With planks、Drawings、Standard)Provide the design draft

Mold development,Product sample

Customer confirmation information,The mould is designed according to the requirements、Production mold、Test、Samples, etc

The prototype for confirmation,Batch production

According to confirm samples to confirm orders。If you don't conform to the requirements,Make satisfaction

Logistics delivery,Technical support

On time、According to the requirements、According to the standard of complete cycle to achieve delivery of the goods

Peng plastic Customer testimonialsPeng one-stop service,Trustworthy
Agricultural science and technology of silver,Visiting families, peng!

Agricultural science and technology of silver,Visiting families, peng!

3Month16The boj agriculture science and technology to the department manager and two senior executives by both of us agreed on him...

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Peng plastic medicinal plastic bottles,Sealed performance is good

Peng plastic medicinal plastic bottles,Sealed performance is good

We are in the production of medical supplies,Cooperate and peng plastic before,Also looked for it...

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Peng plastic water bottles,Quality validation criteria

Peng plastic water bottles,Quality validation criteria

And peng cooperation has for several years,Secco PengSheng bottles very well,We are...

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Secco peng to provide free proofing products bottles,Services in place

Secco peng to provide free proofing products bottles,Services in place

We are doing daily products,Before the cooperation with families, peng,Have looked for other...

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ABOUT USHuizhou branch peng plastic products co., LTD

Huizhou branch peng plastic products co., LTD,Was established2005Years6Month,13To focus on many varieties、Fast delivery、Mass production of plastic bottle manufacturer,1A minimum、In and out the other500Varieties、3000A2Days of delivery、10000A3Days of delivery。Company specializing in the production and sales of various types of plastic...

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