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The company was founded in 1949,Turn state-owned collective enterprises in the 60 s,In 1999, restructured into limited liability company,Affiliated to the administration of lai Yang city planning and construction。House building engineering construction general contracting grade enterprise,Municipal utilities engineering general contracting grade,Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade b,Steel structure project specialized contracting grade b,Lifting equipment installation project specialized contracting grade 3,Metal doors and Windows project specialized contracting grade 3,Building exterior insulation specialized contracting grade 3,Real estate development level boss。Construction and installation company set、Municipal utilities、Lifting equipment installation、The steel structure、Adornment is decorated、Real estate development、Metal window &door installation、Trade business、Equipment rental is equal to one,With strong ability of comprehensive construction,Lai Yang city is the first passISO9001The construction of quality system certification enterprises。Several years has been granted“Lai Yang city star enterprise”、The construction industry“Advanced unit”、In shandong province“Keep contract &credit enterprise”。For details





Address:Lai Yang city chang road1Number Zip code:265200 Contact phone number:0535-7213952

Laiyang company construction group co., LTD