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Our company since its establishment,Fabric is domestic is engaged in water purification water treatment equipment, production of professional manufacturers,The main products are activated carbon、Polyaluminium chloride、Water purification filter material、All kinds of packing and water treatment equipment、Water stabilizer, 30 varieties,Widely used in tap water、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Electric power、Industrial wastewater、And urban water supply and drainage area,The craft is advanced、Quality is reliable、Impress the users trust。
Since the factory,My company has always been in close cooperation with various large and medium-sized institutions and research institutes,Constantly develop new products,Speed up the upgrading of products,Adapt to the demand of the market,In marketing,Always follow“Honesty is more important than mount tai”The management idea,Sincere to listen to your users,For user needs,Want to users want,Establish good corporate style,To make sure the quality and credibility of occupation,Expand the market!

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